Floating On Air  DVD



Ken Davis

Ken Davis creates his music in his private stuidos in

Sydney Australia.

Ken has created more than 40 CDS of relaxing and ambient music.


Quest For Utopia: Pan Flutes With Nature: Early Morning In The Rainforest: Crystal Clear: Atmospheres: Tai Chi Music: Call of The Dolphin: Dolphin Magic: The Dolphin Experience: SPA: Inocence

Celebration of Life : Australia: Spirit Of The pan Flute Australia: Spirit of Sedona: Love:Intuition: SPA Crystal Piano: Inspiration: Pan Flutes By the Ocean:

DVD's Waterfalls: Early Morning In The Rainforest

Selwyn Rodda

Selwyn's dream of a major movie using his images in 3D becomes closer as Qantas has now recognised his amazing talent to create this medium for the launch of  
'Floating On Air'. Selwyn has enjoyed the collaboration with Ken's beautiful music and has spent many long hours creating colourful images to flow and highlight the music.
"I'm lucky" says Selwyn, "as Ken's long career and business experience has allowed me to keep creating which is what I do best". 

A DVD featuring new and existing images with more of Ken's music will be released in August 2011, complementing the program on Qantas.

Ken and Selwyn work well together sharing ideas on how to bring new experiences to passengers and listeners who enjoy the new artform of meditative music and visuals.

Passengers will be asked to comment on what they feel and experience when the new programme begins in June 2010.

ABC Television story on Ken Davis.

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