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Relaxation Music & Visuals & It's Ability To Relax & Inspire

Ken Davis and Selwyn Rodda can create a relaxation program for your health facility to inspire and relax your clients whilst waiting for treatment or to be attended to. The beautiful music and visuals creates a feeling of calm and serenity and will assist your clients to fully relax, therefore relieving stress and enhancing confidence and comfort.

Passengers require soothing music to relax in today's stressful airport security environment. Relaxation music assists with sleep or just to wind down after work or to create a positive environment in the home. Music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute resonates with the human heart beat and has a relaxing effect on the listener. Your inner emotions resonate to the music you are listening to and relaxing music with beautiful melodies can inspire and touch the heart and soul of the listener. Ken's Pan Flute music and Nature Sounds have reached millions of people worldwide who now enjoy his music as part of their daily lives as well as relieving daily stress.

Ken's relaxation music is in the alpha mode which means it has a special quality to relax and inspire. When we are relaxed we are assisting the body to heal itself and you will find it easier to cope with  stressful situations.

Ken receives letters regularly from doctors and hospitals and people from all over the world that have felt the benefits of his relaxation music in improving their quality of life. Ken's Nature DVDs are also used to relax and relieve stress. Rainforest, water cascades, whales and dolphins, and much more are filling peoples lives with quality visuals to soothe the mind, body and spirit. "We need more harmony in our lives and nature is so important to our well-being".

Children of all ages respond very well to relaxation music and nature sounds. Nature sounds and gentle music are played at very low volumes in intensive care wards for premature babies as well as during pregnancy. The babies listen to the gentle sounds whilst in the womb. If you have a need to calm your children down or work in a pre-school, try Ken's music to relax the children before sleep time as well as a catalyst for their creativity.


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